The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica


Editor, Rose Caraway

"The Perfect Massage" by Olivia Archer

 Who doesn’t enjoy a good massage? Ms. Rollins has been seeking one that meets her needs for years. But, her massages have been as unfulfilling as her dating life. Until she finds handsome and sexy Armand.  From their first appointment, her body responds to his touch. Each subsequent time, she finds her fantasies deepening and she worries that Armand will notice her desire. However, a surprise lies in store for her at that next appointment. Armand isn’t there! A cute masseur named Lance fills in, only to be interrupted when Armand finally arrives. Ms. Rollins is in for a night of pleasure beyond her wildest dreams when the men decide to work on her together. Before her session is up, she will not be the only one naked on the massage table. This truly is every woman’s fantasy: the perfect massage! 

The Big Book of Submissions: 69 Kinky Tales


Editor, Rachel Kramer Bussel

"Mistress Raven" by Olivia Archer


Written from a male submissive’s point of view, my story opens with the lines, “I am hers.  But she is not mine.”  This short piece will give you a taste of what it is like to submit to a fabulous female who may (or may not) give you the release that you desire.  And, either way, it’s exactly what you need. 

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Archer's Erotica, Contemporary Romance Stories

OUT SOON: Big Tools (gay anthology)


Editor, Shane Allison

"Honing the Blade" by Olivia Archer


This piece recounts my hands-on experience servicing the men of the trades.  Office worker Michael has a lunch hour tryst in the back of a van with a meaty butcher that leaves him hungry for more.  Shane's collection pays homage to the blue-collar men that we love to fuck.

Hungry for More (female fantasy)


Editor, Rachel Kramer Bussell

"Kitchen Slut" by Olivia Archer

Anyone with a  food kink will devour this story. If you've ever thought that whisks make lovely dildos, then you're my kind of gal! Laurel, a single girl, longs for someone with whom to explore her fetish. Will the manager at the local up-scale kitchen store be the right fit? You'll have to pick up or download this anthology for the delicious answer.