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Olivia is a professional editor and writer.  Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Olivia now resides in Los Angeles. She is not your typical California girl who rides the waves of surf; Olivia would rather ride (or write) waves of pleasure.

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Women in Lust: Erotic Stories. An anthology of 20 stories by top erotica authors. Published by Cleis Press.  Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel. November 2011.  

"Rain" by Olivia Archer captures the yearning felt when lust burns you from within. Follow Jessica as she falls for Rain, a sexy artist . If you dream about being blindfolded and had in the middle of your work day, pick up a copy of this book. You won't be disappointed! 

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Frenzy:  60 Stories of Sudden Sex

Never before has the term "quickie" been more appropriate than in this collection of very short and very hot stories.  Pick up this book when you have a minute and you'll be transported with these stories that take you right into the action.  Published by Cleis Press.  Editor Alison Tyler.  November 2008.

"Car Wash" by Olivia Archer.  Listening to her cell phone message as she enters the car wash, his explicit words make her take matters into her own hands and rock herself with pleasure as she waits for the wash to be finished.  Racing out of the car wash she catches him at his house for round two. 

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Touch me

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"End of the World Sex" by Olivia Archer


This is the opening for this story of passion so deep that time has no meaning: 


  The day was dimming when I went to his house.  He was waiting.

  I used my key to let myself in and found him sitting on the couch in his T-shirt and jeans.  Without much of a greeting, I unbuttoned his jeans, . . .